Kaleidoscope of Rainbow Color to Celebrate Spring

Posted Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Here is another treasury of really cool photos/items that I have “curated” on etsy (link below), the online craft show. This treasury did rather well statistically. It went to page 2 of etsy treasuries. (That is very good~!) And as of today, it has over 400 views. It is fun to make a treasury…. but the competitive goal is to get a treasury onto the 1st page, or better yet the main page of etsy.com (click here to see what i mean… etsy.com).  Then where it says: Handpicked Items See more… click on the “See More“… and that takes you to the list of the top treasuries, page 1. My college friend Kelly has been getting treasuries onto page one on a regular basis these days. That takes strategy, and time~! (To see Kelly’s Page, stained glass items, and access her treasuries, “Click here for Kelly”.) She said, it is fun to see the treasury climb the pages~! Now I know what she means. It was fun when my “Glass House” Treasury (see my last blog entry) went to the top of page 3…. and this one went to the middle of page 2.

But you may wonder why we make these treasuries. Well, mostly it is fun. But, it is also reciprocal. We make connections with other people who make treasuries… and we all promote each others’ work… we all get more exposure, presence, visibility.

AND… I love the Mad Hatter chair… too bad it is in New Zealand~! Go check out this Kaleidoscope of colors treasury~!

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