Posted Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

We have just opened a brand new on-line store yesterday. We have been making Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry since 1994. So this NEW store is fresh and fun. It will allow us freedom from having to be stuck making the same thing over and over for our wholesale accounts…. and since we won’t be wholesaling from the new store, we’ll be able to price things however we want… not stuck having to “keystone” (double) our set wholesale prices.

SO? What will we be doing in this new online shop? Book Marks – yes… bookmarks in a huge range of media. I am thinking leather, metal, glass, polymer clay, collage, ribbon, yarn,  fiber… I have a list a mile long. I wish my days were as long as my list of ideas. As of right now, we might have 10 book marks listed… but we have  a lot of adventure ahead of us… and I am thrilled for this adventure.

Here is a link to the new store. Click on our store banner:

I know, I know…. you are excited for us… Of Course!~! But don’t forget to keep watching, and shopping at Hayden Brook Studios for that awesome bright dichroic fused glass jewelry you have been loving all these years~! And always… thanks for spending your precious time visiting us. We really appreciate you~! Click either image to go visit our etsy shop~!