What Time is It?

Posted Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

We’ve been up to some fun at Hayden Brook Studios. The online business has been booming, and we are doing fewer shows. What on earth do we do with the extra time? Well, we keep developing the online business, for one thing. We make new “stuff”, too. It is all very cool. We are having a great time. One thing I’ve been enjoying about the online business is meeting people from many different places in the world. We have had about 1300 sales in our first year online. You’ve got to figure, that’s without having built a following, and not knowing what we are doing. I think it is only going to keep getting better. I am learning to use the camera. That is a very important part of doing business online. There are still a few bugs to work out. But, it seems to keep getting better. I am very excited about some of the new directions we are taking. I love the new clocks~! They will all be one of a kind. There are some pretty ones we’ll be listing next week. I hope they find homes for Christmas. The jewelry racks were made years ago. We took them to a few shows, only to find that we weren’t allowed to show them at those shows. There are enforced rules at the good shows~! ┬áThe racks were out of our “category”. So, they went into a box, and stayed there for years. At this point we have reduced their price, and we are hoping they get wonderful places to live rich lives displaying beautiful jewelry.

This link will take you to the wackiest section of our shop… the NON-Jewelry section~!

This link will take you to our BOOKMARKS shop….. ALL of the items are bookmarks….┬ávery cool bookmarks~!

This link will take you to our wonderful glass jewelry shop… YAY~!