PURE Natural Clean FUN

Posted Saturday, March 12th, 2011


I made a “treasury” of items on “etsy”. Some may ask, “What the heck does THAT mean?” Well, it is a collection of items I like that follow a common theme. There are links to read more about each of these items. In this case, I have written about hand crafted body care products. I have been amazed and impressed with the all natural bath and body products on this online craft show, called “ETSY”. I have a new outlook on the type of products I will allow to come in contact with MY body. I guess it makes sense that most of the lotion you put on your skin sinks into your body. Skin is an organ. How about dental care? People take medicine sub-lingually (under the tongue). That means the toothpaste has 2+ minutes to enter my bloodstream. When I look at lists of ingredients 2 miles long, and wonder what I am putting into my body, it is scary. No wonder there are so many bizarre illnesses, like cancer and chronic fatigue. We are poisoning ourselves incrementally every day if we aren’t paying attention to what we are putting into our systems. Anyway, I put together a collection of LOVELY bath and body care products, even for DOGS~! Come visit my treasury and investigate these really cool stores.

PURE Natural Clean FUN Treasury