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Cremation Ashes Inside Memorial Remembrance Jewelry Pendant Dichroic GlassHow we got started… and why we want to continue making cremation memorial keepsakes:

A person from church approached us about making cremation pieces for her family. She knew we worked with glass, and had seen that glass and cremation ashes are a stunning combination. Her husband had died of cancer, and had been cremated. She was hoping we might be able to make some memorials.

I (Hayden) told her that I had never done this, and was not sure how it would work, but said, “If you want to give it a try, I’m in.” She and her daughter came over. We looked around the studio, and I showed them a variety of possibilities of what we could try. I was glad that the daughter is something of a creative genius. She caught on fast and dove in.

This was new territory for all of us. But their hearts were perfect for the adventure. I was concerned that the ashes melting into the glass might make a burnt flesh smell… but it didn’t. I was prepared for the mood to be morose… but it wasn’t. We talked about their family, the many generations, the loss of a great man, but a man who had left a mark. In the end we made 4 pendants and 2 pairs of cufflinks.

These were the first pieces we made. It was a satisfying process, and brought a surprising amount of peace to the family. I asked the family if I could photograph these items, and put them into our etsy shop for others to see, and place orders from them. They were thrilled for this. They have become friends, and continue to watch the progress as new designs are added to our Memorial line-up.

So, we placed these images into the etsy shop. More and more people ordered memorial items from us. We would photograph these new items, new colors, new shapes, and add them for more people to see. The number of designs grew, and the more they increased the more orders we were getting.

The people who had ordered memorial pieces from us would write us notes telling us how much they loved them, and how much they love and miss the person or pet whom they had lost. But the memorial keepsake was helping. My understanding of the personal value of making these pieces grew with each interaction. (Read Testimonials here.) Technically, we make less $/hour on thsee pieces than we do making our normal work (see our etsy shop here), the heart and life value was paying me a different reward.

Then, after 2 years, and several hundred memorial pieces later, we learned that etsy has a rule about using human ashes in items sold on their website. I was sad to discover this.  I really wanted to continue to provide this service. Creating cremation memorial pieces has blessed people in mourning so much. I could not stop. So, here we are, migrating the esty listings to this external site.  As it turns out, we can continue to sell pet cremation pieces on etsy. Every item you see here should also be available in our etsy shop. Here is a link to see only the memorial pieces on etsy.

For us, a big part of the process is the customer service. If you have questions or comments or special requests. We are ready to converse with you. We keep a running email conversation, and try to keep it all in the same strand of conversation so we can both refer back to it later. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and concerns:

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