The Ordering Process…

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In this page we’ll describe the process of ordering memorial pieces from us:

1- You select a design, color, shape, size, and quantity. Custom orders are possible. There is a lot we CAN do. There is also a lot we cannot do. We will have an ongoing communication. At this time we do not have a shopping cart on this website. We will have do use email for communications. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page.

Link to see our home page featuring all of our current designs.

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2- You send us ashes. Most people mail the ashes in a zip-lock bag inside a padded envelope. We also recommend getting a tracking number. The amount of ashes is approximately 1/4 teaspoon per memorial piece. If you order 2-3 pieces, send 1/2 teaspoon. If you order 4-8 pieces, send 3/4 teaspoon. If you order 9-12 pieces, send 1 teaspoon. Etc.

3- The ashes arrive here, and you pay for your work. We will notify you when the ashes arrive, and keep you posted through the process. We give you an approximate timeline. We typically wait until the ashes arrive to send you a paypal invoice for the price we will already have agreed upon. (By the time the ashes arrive, some people decide to add on another memorial piece, or even a few. If there are enough ashes, we can make extra pieces.) Most of the time we have your memorial items completed within 1-2 weeks. I will always inform you if there is an anticipated exception (like if we go on vacation).

4- We melt the ashes between glass. I was astonished when I made my very first memorial pieces. (Read more about that here.) The ashes blend perfectly with the fused glass technique. The only thing we absolutely need is 2 layers. One layer on the bottom, one layer on top, and the ashes in between.

5- We do the finishing touches. After your pieces have been fused, we grind off any burrs, and then put a backing on it. The backing may turn your glass piece into a letter opener, a pendant, a charm, earrings, perhaps a mini-paperweight, a keychain, etc.

6- We ship your memorial items to you. We send your pieces with tracking information, and send the extra ashes back to you. (If you want us to add insurance, we can do that for a few dollars more. We have shipped, gosh, over 14,000 packages, and only needed insurance one time.)

7- You Tell Others~! You are welcome to send us testimonials that we can add to our website. The people who have bought cremation pieces from us have been so blessed, they almost always write us to tell us what happened when they opened their package~! (Read Testimonials Here). We also are glad when you share your positive experiences with others. Tell it in emails, on facebook, or tweet about with links back to our webpage. (Thank you~!)


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