Rainbow Heart Cremation Ashes Key Chain Dichroic Glass Memorial on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass – Hand Crafted Fused Glass – Custom Made

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Memorial Cremation Ashes Key Chain – Copper Orange Gold Rainbow Heart on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass
Memorial Cremation Ashes Key Chain – Orange Rainbow Heart on Blue Stained Glass

Rainbow Heart Cremation Ashes Key Chain Dichroic Glass Memorial on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass – Hand Crafted Fused Glass – Custom Made – Medium Square 1″ / 25mm – $29.99……..

THE ITEMS IN THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT FOR SALE. These are for inspiration, and serve as models for custom pieces that we can make for you and your family. All of our memorial pieces are made to order for you and your friends and family.

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Memorial Cremation Ashes Family Order - Rainbow Hearts Pink Copper Gold on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass
Memorial Cremation Ashes Family Order – Rainbow Hearts on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass
Memorial Cremation Ashes Pendant – Pink Rainbow Heart on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass
Memorial Cremation Ashes Pendant – Pink Rainbow Heart on Cobalt Blue Stained Glass

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Heart Ashes Cremation Memorial Pendant - Chunky Red Pink Purple
Heart Ashes Cremation Memorial Pendant – Chunky Red Pink Purple
Dichroic Glass – We normally work with dichroic glass, so here is a blurb about it:
It is not possible to capture all the nuances of dichroic glass in photographs. That, of course, means that you will have an even more dynamic piece of jewelry when you are wearing it. We work primarily with dichroic glass. Di-chroic means two colored, or multicolored) . This type of glass transmits light in one wavelength, & reflects light in two other wavelengths. It is common for dichroic glass to appear as 2 or 3 different colors, simultaneously. Dichroic glass is coated with electronically excited metallic particles in a vacuum chamber, at elevated temperatures. In our studio, we start with large sheets of glass which we cut into small pieces. These pieces are specially arranged & melted together in a kiln to form our jewelry.The memorial pieces are custom-made and handcrafted at Hayden Brook Studios. FL, USA.
If you love our work in these pieces, and would like to see more of our work, we host our online shop on etsy. Come have a look around. The variety and the colors are mind boggling!


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